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+ Certification ISO 9001:2008

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Certification ISO 9001:2008

ACUÑA Y ASOCIADOS S.A., announces the  ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Seeking to guarantee the excellence in our everyday work, we recognized in the Quality Management System (QMS) an opportunity to increase our participation in national and international market, making both customer and employees’ satisfaction increased, rising competitiveness.

To get into the QMS certification and the numerous benefits it produces, such as: reduces the number of claims and operating costs, increases the demand for products and services, provides a standard language in business and also offers clients a critical look, strong and structured of the company processes and having the traceability of the product at any time, resulting in a smooth finished product, we decided to persue de ISO 9001-2008 certification.

Although the company already had a system which controlled the production processes, the firm had to be reorganized to give full compliance to ISO 9001:2008 standards, for this reason we developed a solid documentation system, since it reflects, not only the processes of the organization, but all the information that allows the development, control and improvement of processes and also decision making process too, facilitating the training of old and new employees.

A strong commitment of the management was vital, the company prepared and educated the staff in meetings which motivated and showed the importance of being certified. Also, a very valuable tool in this process has been Intranet, developed by the Research and Development Department, to encourage and support the company and its staff to look for perfection, saving and regular optimization of resources.

There is a natural pride in the everyday work, because, without doubt, this provides an added value to the work done.

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