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+ Certification ISO 9001:2008

+ Great Place to Work 2010

Great Place to Work 2010

Acuña y Asociados S.A., belongs to the select group of the top 15 companies to work in Chile during 2010.

Animated and motivated with recent ISO 9001:2008 certification and seeking to measure the opinion of our employees about the company, just because this is the place where they stay more hours during the day and with the purpose of becoming a good place to work, we looked for something that could evaluate satisfaction. The result was that we were located in 14th place of the ranking for small and medium companies. This fact caused great satisfaction among executives and workers, since it was the first time we applied and also because we participated with 300 companies of the country, which continues to be an interesting challenge for us.

During the application process, people mentioned the benefits we currently have, among them, a program of complementary health, dental and life insurance, annual bonus system and different options of restaurants for lunch on the company. To improve performance, the firm is now developing a complete training plan, more organized than the one the company has at present.

The recognition of being among the 15 best companies of the country is because things have been done well, although 2010 has been a challenging year, it was decided to invest in Research and Development department, we achieved ISO 9001 certification and our people appreciated this because they felt involved.

What can we infer from our participation in Great Place to Work? The most important thing is to identify what we need to improve. The good things should be kept, however what is missing, if well handled correctly could have tremendous benefits because they imply improvements, which are not exclusive either for workers or the company independently, but for the entire organization.

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